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Strip Miter vs. Box Miter

At Down and Out Seamless Gutters in Southern Minnesota, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality products for your home gutters. Did you know there is a difference between Strip Miter and Box Miter?

We will take the time to show you the differences in the products and answer any questions you may have.

Traditional gutter systems are installed below the eaves of the roof, catching water and snow melt and directing it away from the home or office building. When the gutter wraps around the house, joints are created. With the right miter, home owners and business owners can help combat the problem of clogs.

Miters are the corners in the gutter systems and provide extra protection from gutter failure. A miter covers the corner and the corner is where the greatest opportunity of leaks can occur.

With a box miter, it is a pre-manufactured corner and comes as a single piece. While this is a commonly used miter, Down and Out Seamless Gutters prefers a strip miter. A box miter often sticks out, is more noticeable and there is a chance it won't fit because it cannot be customized to size. With a strip miter, you get a more seamless design. You also only have to seal one side which prevents a risk of leakage.

You can trust Down & Out Gutters to provide you with the information you need and we use products we install in our own homes.

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