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Down Spout Sizes

We know the importance of different down spout sizes at Down and Out Seamless Gutters in Southern Minnesota.

When selecting the downspout, we consider the area to be drained, the roof shape and pitch and select the right size for the capacity.

When rain comes, having 2 downspouts can double the capacity of the gutter to manage the water. That way, your water runoff will continue without overflowing.

Rainfall intensity is measured in inches per hour at a 5-minute interval. Because we work and live in the area, we know on average what the rainfall amounts are. With our years of experience, we also know how much rainwater a downspout can collect, remove and how quickly it will work.

We'll make sure to select the gutter capacity that will work best for your home and location, ensuring it can handle our Southern Minnesota weather.

You can trust Down & Out Gutters to provide you with the information you need and we use products we install in our own homes.

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Serving Southern Minnesota, including: Austin, Albert Lea, Blooming Prairie, Owatonna, Medford, Morristown, Kenyon, Faribault, Waterville, Northfield, Dundas and the surrounding areas. Contact us for seamless aluminum rain gutters and gutter covers in your area!

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